Miele H6860 BPX Art Line Graphite Grey Handleless oven

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Handleless oven the multi-talented expert from Miele.

  • handleless kitchen design and convenient door opening - Touch2Open
  • Multicoloured TFT touch display with clear text - M Touch
  • Perfect baking and roasting results - Moisture plus
  • Precise temperature control means cooking to perfection - wireless food probe
  • The simple way to perfect results - automatic programmes


Simple and elegant: With Touch2Open all ArtLine appliances can be easily opened with the sensor controls.

M Touch

The new M Touch display is simple to operate and self-explanatory. The appliances can be operated quickly and intuitively by tapping or swiping on the display. Many functions can be chosen at the touch of a fingertip. The central display with white text and symbols on a black background ensures perfect visibility of information. Where user prompts are required, information is presented in colour.

Moisture Plus

Improved roasting and baking: moisture ensures an incredibly light dough and a nicely browned crust.

Wireless food probe

No supervision needed: The countdown indicator tells you exactly when the meat, fish or poultry will be ready.

Automatic programmes

Conjuring up over 100 dishes with ease: whether it is bread, cakes or meat - everything is cooked automatically.

Residual heat utilisation

Conserve heat and energy

Even better energy efficiency can be achieved if you use the food probe or programme the cooking time. In this case the Miele oven switches off early and finishes the cooking process with the residual heat, without affecting the overall cooking result.

Energy efficiency

Use electricity efficiently
Miele appliances convince with extremely low energy consumption. A large percentage of Miele cookers and ovens are categorized in energy efficiency class A+. This protects the environment - and your household budget. Compact ovens with a cooking compartment capacity of 49 l help conserve energy thanks to energy efficiency class A+.

AirClean catalyser

Removes odours and grease from cooking vapours
Grease and odours are removed from emerging steam. This prevents grease deposits on your furniture, walls and curtains. Cooking odours are significantly reduced. The catalyser can be activated and deactivated as desired (depending on model).

Pyrolytic cleaning

Treat yourself to minimum effort
Pyrolytic cleaning is an automatic process in which residue in the oven is incinerated to ash at a very high temperature. This makes arduous scrubbing and abrasive cleaners a thing of the past. The pyrolytic self-cleaning feature turns all food residue to ash which can be easily removed from the oven surfaces without a trace. When it comes to energy consumption: As much as necessary - as little as possible.

CleanGlass door

Quick cleaning after roasting is completed
The interior surface of the door is completely flat - without corners or edges. This allows the door to be cleaned very easily and in addition it can be used as a shelf.

Appliance cooling system with cool front

Pleasantly cool surfaces
Miele ovens are cooled on all sides. This ensures that controls, handles and adjacent cabinets stay relatively cool to the touch. The multi-layer panels insulate the oven door effectively and ensure a lower temperature on the outside of the door, providing greater safety and protection against burns.

Safety features

Automatic switch-off for maximum safety
You can lock the appliance with the touch of a finger to protected it from being switched on by mistake, for instance by children. A Miele oven will also automatically switch off if the maximum operating time is exceeded. Peace of mind should you forget to switch the appliance off.

Moisture Plus

Added moisture for optimum results.
Perfect baking and roasting results can be achieved with moisture through the combination of different operating modes. Meat becomes tender and succulent and acquires an appetising browned crust, bread and rolls taste as if fresh from the bakery. The bursts of steam in Moisture plus mode can be programmed for greater convenience. Moisture plus is also used in various automatic programmes.

Wireless food probe

Everything is perfectly cooked and close to hand

Customised and precise roasting of meat, fish and poultry by monitoring the core temperature incl. and the countdown indicator. With a countdown indicator there is no need to supervise the cooking process. The food probe is very easy to use. It is always to hand, It is always at hand, as it is stored in the oven door.

Special applications

Fulfil your wishes
Certain kitchen tasks only work perfectly if a particular temperature is chosen or a particular climate is present in the cooking compartment.  So, for example, proving dough and drying fruit.

Crisp function

Targeted moisture reduction in compartment
The controlled reduction of moisture in the oven results in a dry micro-climate. This results in particularly crispy French fries, croquettes etc. The Crisp function can be added to any operating mode to suit individual preferences.

Electronic temperature control

Minimise temperature variations
Electronic monitoring of the cooking temperature guarantees precise temperature regulation. The best baking and roasting results are made possible by very small temperature fluctuations as well as a broad range of applications from making yoghurt to roasting meat.

FlexiClip fully telescopic runners

Ergonomic, safe and fully telescopic

The fully telescopic runners allow easy removal of baking trays, racks and gourmet oven dishes from the cooking compartment and hold them securely in position. You can comfortably baste a roast or turn food over without the risk of burning yourself on the hot oven interior. Versatile use at every level.

Automatic programmes

Cooking and baking with surefire success 
With electronically regulated programmes for over 100 international dishes, you can cook and bake cakes, bread, meat, etc. to perfection. No need to programme the mode or temperature and duration. In addition, the degree of cooking and the browning level, e.g. for meat, can be individually defined. Thanks to special automatic programmes for low temperature cooking, you can enjoy perfectly cooked, restaurant quality meat.

User programmes

Save frequently used settings
With Miele ovens you can create up to 20 user programmes: cooking function, temperature and duration can be individually set. This allows you to call up the settings for frequently prepared dishes at the touch of a button - and your successful cooking results will be automatically repeated.

Individual settings

Configure your appliance to suit you
With many of the Miele models you can individually alter the factory default settings, for example language, audible tones, display brightness and much more. So, you can adapt your appliance to suit your personal preferences at any time.

Clock/timer functions

Leave time management to your oven
Miele cookers and ovens offer multiple timer functions and a minute minder. You can select a start and finish time or the duration of a cooking process. Your food will be perfectly cooked at exactly the right time. The process is completed automatically at the end of the programmed time. Furthermore, during a power cut the set time is saved for up to approx. 200 hours.

Special automatic programmes

Success guaranteed
In addition to a wide range of automatic programmes, Miele also offers automatic programmes for five popular international dishes. So you can bake almond macaroons and sponge cakes perfectly every time - So you can cook Yorkshire pudding or a complicated Beef Wellington perfectly every time - with guaranteed success!


Door opening with the touch of a finger

Not magic, but Miele: Touch2Open turns cooking into an experience while delivering the perfect solution for handleless kitchen designs. By touching the corresponding symbol on the control panel the door opens softly and automatically up to 90° thanks to the sophisticated opening mechanism. A convenience that you can enjoy every day.


Gentle opening without touching
With a sophisticated opening mechanism which is selected via the corresponding symbol on the control panel, the appliance door opens softly and gracefully up to 90° and movement into the end position is cushioned. This increased level of user convenience gives you easy and spacious access to food in the cooking compartment.



Gentle on frozen food: frozen food is gently defrosted under ideal conditions using cool air.

Gentle bake

Particularly energy-efficient: Perfectly succulent roasts or excellent oven bakes depending on model.

Small grill

For small quantities: Ideal for small amounts of food such as steak and sausages. Perfect every time.

Intensive bake

Crispy bases, delicious toppings: For pizza, quiche or flans, the base will be crispy, the topping will be moist.

Auto roast

Meat stays tender: meat is seared using a high temperature, then cooked at a lower roasting temperature.

Large grill

Versatile: for grilling large quantities of steaks, sausages, kebabs, etc.

Fan Plus

Perfect results: ideal for gentle baking and roasting on up to three levels.

Low-temperature cooking

For perfect results: With low temperatures, meat recipes automatically become specialities.

Conventional heat

Multi-purpose, classic function: perfect results on all traditional baking and roasting dishes.

Top heat

Perfect finish: The final touch - ideal for gratins, glazing and browning

Bottom heat

Using bottom heat only: for cooking food in a bain marie or for browning from underneath.

Fan grill

Crispy outside, succulent inside: ideal for chicken, duck, pork knuckle, rolled meat and many other meat dishes.

Rapid heat-up

When you're in a rush: this programme heats the oven up extra quickly.

Moisture Plus

As if fresh from the baker: moisture ensures an incredibly light dough and a nicely browned crust.

Automatic programmes

Conjuring up over 100 dishes with ease: Bread, cakes or meat – fully automatic cooking processes.

Special applications

For extraordinary food preparation methods: Miele offers a variety of special programmes such as drying fruit.

User programmes

For your favourite dishes: simply set operating mode, temperature and duration and save for repeated use.

Eco information - H 6860 BPX

Product details - H 6860 BPX

Construction type 
Built-in oven
Graphite grey
M Touch
Convenience features 
Precise temperature regulation
30 - 300°C
Wireless food probe
Crisp function
Operating modes 
Automatic programmes
More than 100
Country-specific automatic programmes
Auto roast
Gentle bake
Economy grill
Fan plus
Intensive bake
Moisture plus
Low temperature cooking
Conventional heat
Top heat
Bottom heat
Fan grill
Special applications
User convenience 
Automatic programme search function
Timed steam bursts programmable
Polyphonic buzzers
Time of day display
Date display
Minute minder
Clock buffer in h
Start-stop programming
Safety switch-off
Programmable cooking duration
Value entry via number pad
Actual temperature display
Door button confirmation
Recommended temperature
Buzzer when desired temperature is reached
User programmes
Individual settings
CleanGlass door
Door contact switch
Door hinge
Oven compartment 
Oven compartment volume in l
No. of shelf levels
Numbered shelf levels
No. of halogen lamps
Cleaning convenience 
Pyrolytic self-cleaning
Heated catalyser
Hinged grill heater element
Efficiency and sustainability 
Energy efficiency class (A+++ - D)
Energy-saving lighting
Residual heat utilisation
Rapid heat-up
Appliance networking 
Accessories required
XKM 3100 W
SuperVision display
Appliance cooling system and touch-cool fronts
Safety switch-off
System lock
Door lock during pyrolytic cleaning
Technical data 
Niche width in mm
Niche height in mm
Niche depth in mm
Appliance width in mm
Appliance height in mm
Appliance depth in mm
Weight in kg
Total rated load in kW
Voltage in V
Fuse rating in A
Number of phases
Standard accessories 
Universal tray with PerfectClean
Baking tray with PerfectClean
Baking and roasting rack PyroFit
FlexiClip runners PyroFit
1 pair
Request card for cookbook
Mains cable
Descaling tablets
See the installation price guide in the table below.
Product Price
Electric Single Oven R599
Electric Double Oven R599
Electric Range Cooker R599
Gas Range Cooker R1999
Dual Fuel Range Cooker R1999
Ceramic Hob R599
Gas Hob R599
Induction Hob R599
Freestanding Dishwasher R699
Freestanding Slimline Dishwasher R699
Integrated Dishwasher R699
Integrated Slimline Dishwasher R699
American Style Fridge Freezer With Ice & Water R1999
American Style Fridge Freezer None Plumb R999
Freestanding Combination Fridge Freezer R999
Freestanding Freezer R699
Freestanding Fridge R699
Freestanding Wine Cooler R699
Integrated Freezer R699
Integrated Fridge Freezer R699
Integrated Fridge R699
Freestanding Conderser Tumble Dryer R699
Freestanding Washing Machine R699
Removal & Recycle of Exsiting Product R299
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