Miele EVS6214 Built in Vacuum Drawe with Push2Open

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Built-in vacuum drawer, 14 cm high for vacuum packing of food.



Ideal conditions for longer storage life

In the Miele vacuum-sealing drawer the oxygen and air are extracted from the vacuum sealing bags. This provides the ideal conditions for long-term food storage, and also for preparing it perfectly for sous-vide cooking in a steam oven. A choice of three vacuum-sealing settings is available to suit your needs. Setting 3 is ideal for marinated meat, whereas setting 1 is perfect for delicate foods such as berries.

Three vacuum-sealing settings

The right level for every situation
The vacuum-sealing drawer has 3 different settings. For optimum food protection, meat should be vacuum-sealed using the highest setting. We recommend setting 2 for food which contains a lot of liquid. Setting 1 is perfect for delicate fruit such as strawberries.

Fully telescopic runners

Drawers can be loaded easily
The built-in vacuuming drawer can be taken out completely to make it easier to load. Thanks to its stable telescopic runners it can be easily taken out and put back in. The height of the drawer is 14 cm.

Food storage

Longer storage life
Vacuum-sealed foodstuffs stay fresh for longer. They are stored in the PerfectFresh zone in the fridge on a temporary basis. However, once vacuum sealed, fish and vegetables stay fresh for longer, without compromising on taste or quality. Vacuum sealing protects food against freezer burn, or contamination via smell or flavour. Not least of all, bread and rolls remain fresh for mush longer at room temperature once they have been vacuum sealed.

Re-usable vacuum containers

To be kind to the environment
Foodstuffs are protected particularly well in the vacuuming container in preparation for all kinds of uses. The commercially available container is connected in the vacuuming drawer with the aid of an adapter.


For the sake of taste
Do you like your meat and fish to have a really intense flavour? Marinate your food in your usual manner and then vacuum seal it with the Miele vacuuming drawer. By vacuum-sealing the taste of the marinade is greatly intensified, since flavours do not oxidize. The herbs and spices can work directly and in a very concentrated form on the food.
Installation drawings-for vacuum packing of food.-
See the installation price guide in the table below.
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