Miele DGM6401 Stainless Steel Combination Steam Microwaves

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Steam oven with microwave combines the advantages of steam cooking with those of a microwave.



Perfection just as you like it

MultiSteam is the combination of powerful steam generation and optimum steam distribution via 8 inlet ports. The 3.3. kW steam generator ensures fast and even steam distribution, and short heat-up times in the oven cavity. The incoming steam completely fills the oven cavity and displaces the air. This ensures that the food looks as good after the steaming process as it did before.

Steam cooking, independent of quantity

The same cooking duration for different weights
Whether just a single portion or food for the whole family, whether frozen or fresh food, the cooking time in the Miele steam oven always remains the same. There is no need to weigh food and calculate different cooking durations.

Electronic temperature control

Regulates and monitors the cooking process
The cooking temperature is electronically monitored and reliably regulated. "With the constantly precise temperature, you always achieve the best results."

Steam reduction

Releases steam at the right moment
Steam is gently released from the cooking compartment before the end of the cooking process allowing you to take food out of the oven safely.

Product details - DGM 6401

Construction type 
Steam oven with microwave
Stainless steel/Clean Steel
Convenience features 
Electronic steam oven temperature regulation in °C
40 - 100
Power levels in W
Electronically controlled microwave power
External steam generation
Menu cooking without transfer of taste
Automatic programmes with programmable settings for cooking results
Keeping warm
Operating modes 
Automatic programmes for steam cooking
more than 75
Steam cooking
Special applications
User convenience 
Popcorn function
Steam cooking on up to 3 levels at the same time
Quantity-independent cooking
Steam reduction before end of programme
Time of day display
Date display
Minute minder
Clock buffer in h
Start-stop programming
Safety switch-off
Actual temperature display
Recommended temperature
Buzzer when desired temperature is reached
Quick microwave
User programmes
Individual settings
CleanGlass door
Door with viewing screen
Door hinge
Oven compartment 
Oven compartment volume in l
Stainless steel oven compartment
No. of shelf levels
Removable stainless-steel side racks
No. of LED lights
LED oven interior lighting
MultiSteam module
Cleaning convenience 
Stainless steel front with CleanSteel finish
Floor heater for condensate reduction
External steam generator
Quick-release side racks
Automatic descaling
Steam technology and water supply 
Water reserve for approx. 90 min cooking
Fresh water container
Removal of fresh water container with Push2release mechanism
Appliance cooling system and touch-cool fronts
Safety switch-off
System lock
Vapour cooling system
Door contact switch
Safety lock – "Appliance locked"
Technical data 
Niche width in mm
Niche height in mm
Niche depth in mm
Appliance width in mm
Appliance height in mm
Appliance depth in mm
Weight in kg
Total rated load in kW
Voltage in V
Fuse rating in A
Number of phases
Standard accessories 
Stainless-steel side racks
No. of perforated stainless-steel cooking containers
No. of solid stainless-steel cooking containers
Wire rack
Glass tray
Mains cable
Descaling tablets
See the installation price guide in the table below.
Product Price
Electric Single Oven R599
Electric Double Oven R599
Electric Range Cooker R599
Gas Range Cooker R1999
Dual Fuel Range Cooker R1999
Ceramic Hob R599
Gas Hob R599
Induction Hob R599
Freestanding Dishwasher R699
Freestanding Slimline Dishwasher R699
Integrated Dishwasher R699
Integrated Slimline Dishwasher R699
American Style Fridge Freezer With Ice & Water R1999
American Style Fridge Freezer None Plumb R999
Freestanding Combination Fridge Freezer R999
Freestanding Freezer R699
Freestanding Fridge R699
Freestanding Wine Cooler R699
Integrated Freezer R699
Integrated Fridge Freezer R699
Integrated Fridge R699
Freestanding Conderser Tumble Dryer R699
Freestanding Washing Machine R699
Removal & Recycle of Exsiting Product R299
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