Miele DGC6800 XL Stainless Steel Combination Steam Oven

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The multi-talented Miele for the highest demands.

  • Perfect results thanks to MultiSteam technology
  • Sets new standards regarding brilliance and user convenience - MTouch
  • Highest convenience - roasting with the wireless food probe
  • Very convenient - water container is behind a motorised fascia panel
  • Plenty of space to be creative - the XL cooking compartment

Steam oven with fully-fledged oven function

Steam oven with oven function and combi cooking

Wireless food probe

Everything is perfectly cooked and close to hand
Cook meat, fish and poultry individually and with precise temperature control: the food probe monitors the core temperature when roasting and lets you know the remaining cooking time. As a result, you do not need to supervise the cooking process.

Combination cooking

Versatile for perfect roasting and baking results.
Freely selectable combination of steam and another cooking function: temperature (40°C to 225°C) and moisture content (0% to 100%) can be adjusted and altered up to six times in quick succession. This offers maximum flexibility for best baking and roasting results.

Quantity-independent cooking

The same cooking duration for different weights
Whether just a single portion or food for the whole family, whether frozen or fresh food, the cooking time in the Miele steam oven always remains the same. There is no need to weigh food and calculate different cooking durations.

Cooking on three levels

Perfect results times three
In the Miele steam combination oven you can steam food simultaneously on up to three levels - even different dishes. This is because with steam cooking neither odours nor flavours are transferred to other foods. So you can cook a complete meal for lots of people at the same time. Each ingredient retains its own unaltered aroma.


Perfection just as you like it

Perfection to suit personal tastes - the Miele steam oven is an all-round expert and the perfect partner for an oven and a hob. As the cooking durations for steaming and boiling are identical, you do not have to change your cooking habits. You can cook starters, soup, fish, meat, vegetables, side dishes or desserts individually - or a complete menu in a single cooking process. Individual preferences - firm or tender - can also be catered for with the Miele steam combination oven. Thanks to Miele’s MultiSteam technology, external steam generation ensures perfect results. Six steam inlet ports ensure quick steam generation, heating up times and steam distribution for uniform cooking results.

Patented PerfectClean surface finish

Unique non-stick finish
The inner cabinet of the steam combination oven is made from stainless steel with a special linen-weave structure and PerfectClean finish. It is therefore less sensitive to scratching and considerably easier to clean than a conventional stainless steel oven interior. The PerfectClean finish has excellent non-stick properties making it hard for soiling to stick to the oven interior during cooking.

Stainless steel oven interior

Completely enclosed and smooth
Ample space for creativity: Miele's steam combination oven offers up to 68 l of useable capacity. Food for a complete meal can be cooked simultaneously for 8-10 people. There is also enough space in the cooking compartment for larger items of food such as poultry and whole fish. When steam is used for cooking food, Miele cabinets are always made from stainless steel. This professional cabinet is completely rust free and easy to clean.

Cooling system and touch-cool fronts

Pleasantly cool surfaces
Miele steam combination ovens are cooled on all sides. This keeps the user and handle areas as well as adjacent cabinetry relatively cool. The system prevents condensation settling on the fascia panel and ensures a low temperature on the front of the appliance and the cooking compartment door, thereby offering safety and protection from burns.

Automatic programmes

Especially for baking and roasting
Intelligent automatic programmes for different foods makes everyday cooking easier. Manual selection of temperature and duration is no longer required. You can specify how well cooked you want the food to be, or for bread and meat the degree of browning - for perfect results with a guarantee of success. A safe and easy way to cater for discerning tastes.

Motorised fascia panel

More than simply a control
Open the control panel at the touch of a button; behind you will find the water container, condensate container and the wireless food probe. When opening the control panel the water container and condensate container move forward for easy removal. You can fill the water container and empty the condensate container without opening the oven door. The panel is tilted towards you for ease of use and for the best view of the display.

Clock/timer functions

Leave time management to your combi steam oven.
You can programme the start and end times or simply the duration of the cooking process. In this way your dishes are perfectly cooked by the desired time. Once the programmed cooking duration is over, the process ends automatically. The clock function is maintained for up to 200 hours in the event of a power failure. When power is restored, the display shows the current time; it does not need to be reprogrammed.

User programmes

Save frequently used settings
Miele combination steam ovens allow you to create up to 20 of your own programmes: Mode, temperature and duration can be set and named individually. As a result you can access the settings for frequently made dishes or your favourite recipes at the touch of a button - and your cooking results will automatically be repeated.

XL cabinet

Plenty of space for individual creativity
Ample space for creativity: Miele's XL steam combination oven offers 48 l of usable space. allowing you to prepare complete menus for eight to ten people. Complete meals can be cooked at the same time and there is even sufficient space for larger items such as poultry and whole fish.

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Removal & Recycle of Exsiting Product R299
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